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Nextel drive growth at every stage of
customer lifecycle

Be Everywhere your Customers are

Capture customer data and conversation from every possible platform.

Call Tracking

Track saves all customer conversation and contact details automatically.

Live Chat

Answer to your website visitors questions instantly through dashboard or app.

Online Leads

Save all leads that shows interest in your facebook campaign Ad, website forms.

Enquiry Forms

Create customized lead generation forms, ask for specific details.

Define your Customer Journey

Set your customers up for success with tailored on-boarding and activation messages.

Smart Campaigns

Send each one perfect series of SMS, e-mail and In-chat messages based on their unique behavior.


Target your Facebook and Instagram ads to segmented audience.

Automate to move deal fast

Our Chatbots and auto-audience update for Ads, capture more of your best leads and convert them.


Automate capturing leads and customer support to get more satisfied customers.

Marketing Automation

Boost your campaign performance by automating segmentation and messages.


Your Ad audience automatically get updated every day, so that no potential lead is missed.

Optimize ads with Intelligence

Nextel keeps optimizing your ad performance and recommend best audience, time and platform to acquire new customers.

Facebook Ads

Get interest recommendations and enhance your ad performances with ML based dynamic audience optimizer.

Google Ads

Turn your ads in auto-pilot mode, your ad performances will optimize by itself while you focus on other things.