Track your business's mobile calls to Nextel dashboard

Nextel call tracker automatically logs the calls made from your mobile SIM and WhatsApp to Nextel's cloud-based CRM dashboard. Nextel Capture 100% of your call log data including: Type of calls, Calls duration and Call history.

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Nextel Call Tracker

Nextel call tracker is an android based mobile app that helps you track all incoming, outgoing and missed calls. The tracker app auto-save the phone number, call details with person name and other details to the audience management system. With the tracker app, you can also manage the client details and add important notes for future reference. The application can be used on multiple phones for a business.

Android app

Multiple agent

Detailed Report

Audience Management

Follow Up reminders

Set up your call tracker

How to setup

1. Create your free account
2. Add your phone number
3. Install the app
4. Make first call and view it

Analyze calling activities easily - without implementing VOIP

We continuously monitor all the phone conversations of your agents to provide you detailed insights and stats of everyday efforts. Automatic call logging won't be a hassle anymore

  • No more manual logging on spreadsheets
  • No time wasted - get list of whom to call/reminders on your phone
  • 100% accurate data points to take you business decisions

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Advertise like a pro in minutes

Manage all your business calls

Nextel's android based app call tracking is fast to setup and easy to use. Monitor all your outbound and inbound calls of your team anywhere in the space.

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